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SkySafari 7 Pro Preset For A SkyFi 3 Connection To A Celestron Evolution Mount


I'm finally annoyed enough with my Evolution internal wifi that I'm considering purchasing the SkyFi III module.

What SkyFi Connection  do I choose when setting up the connection  preset in SkySafari 7 as the Evolution mount is not specifically listed as a choice?

Celestron NexStar 5i/8i


Celestron NexStar GPS/SLT/SE?

or something else?

I know I could buy and try but would much prefer to ask first and get a solid confirmation.

Second question I believe has been answered from my searching:

When I get the above working, SkySafari connected to my Evolution using SkyFi III,

I understand I do a Starsense alignment using the mount controller THEN control using SkySafari?

I DON'T perform a Starsense alignment from SkySafari 7.


Thanks. Great products (You too, Celestron),




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    Keiron Smith


    Preset > Configure SkyFi > Celestron NexStar GPS/SLT/SE is correct.

    Yes, perform you StarSense alignment using the hand controller BEFORE connecting with SkySafari.


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    James Randolph

    Thanks again.

    I tested the above combo today with a solar system alignment on the sun (inside house).

    The mount was aligned and tracking because a GOTO using the controller to Mercury moved the scope the likely amount.

    I could not get SkySafari 7 Pro connected to the mount. The app is running on a Pixel 6. 

    A few screens are shown at the following link (Google Drive, safe; I'm not a hacker.)

    The Preset setup test connects to SkyFi successfully.

    If I need to update the SkyFi firmware that is another issue I posted. It's quite vague (ref your company screens) to say the least how I'm suppose to upgrade, using the SkyFi firmware upgrade screen or by serial connection. Of course, a null modem no longer comes with the device purchase.


    I would  consider the joys of visual star hopping all over again, from childhood, ditch the high tech, if I could see more stars - ha.



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    James Randolph

    BTW, I'm using the Celestron cable that came with the scope, the USB-A to USB mini.

    It has worked for scope firmware updates. Hopefully, that means it's a cable for data transfer.

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    Keiron Smith

    Please uninstall the app.

    In the SS7 Pro App Store listing (Play Store app on your device) > scroll to the bottom > join the Open Beta.

    Install the latest beta.

    Test again.


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    James Randolph


    Thanks for responding. I think I posted elsewhere since this ticket had been closed.

    I installed SS Set the Celestron Starsense to Quick Align since this works with Celestron CPWI, Celestron Starry Night (free but crippled). The cable being used probably came with the Evolution. It's 2' long with a ferrite bead. Longer cables don't work. Why?

    The usual SkyFi connection:

    Celestron NexStar GPS/SLT/SE; Alt-Az. Goto; Scan for SkyFi and found at; I don't set the time; Rate is 4 per sec; Timeout 3.0. Save preset. Connect Scope:

    Connection Failure. Can connect to scope but the scope doesn't respond, blah, blah.


    The Starsense hand controller firmware is now 01.22.22308 dated 8-8-23.

    (Yes, ref the above. I bought a Windows mini computer, first Windows computer in over a decade. Actually my first FAST Windows and I'm using it headless connecting VLC from a Mac.)

    I even got ASCOM Alpaca working (run ASCOM Remote) except for the Celestron focuser which was why I stopped tinkering with INDI on a Raspberry Pi a couple years ago when SS7 went live.

    I DO want to use SS7 to control the telescope and focuser since this is a somewhat easier grab-and-go setup vs PC at scope. Visual .

    FYI, when the hand controller connects to the Windows PC the Device Manager reports:

    Prolific PL2303GL USB Serial Com (COM3).  Maybe this identifies the USB-to-serial IC embedded in the Starsense controller?

    It uses the Windows compatible driver Prolific ver. 9600 bps

    I use to develop business software. I understand the difficulties of working with end users. 





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    James Randolph

    I tried an ASCOM Alpaca connection again and it connects but drops and reconnects. As before, Celestron motor focus control isn't available.
    Googling, I read that you, Kieron, told someone in a post that this is normal; focus control only available with Celestron wifi, which I observed with SS5 and an earlier Android.
    That begs the question: if I ever get SS7 connected to Starsense via SkyFi 3, can I expect focus control?
    I should have asked this before buying.

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    Keiron Smith

    Celestron Focus Motor Control is only available in SkySafari Plus/Pro using a Celestron WiFi connection.

    It should be simple plug n play to connect SS7 Pro on Android to SkyFi 3 to control your StarSense Scope.

    All these screenshots look good.  The error means that SS7 is communicating successfully with the SkyFi 3.

    Possible problems are:

    1. Scope is not aligned.  So, if possible, do a manual (fake) 2-star auto-align.  Or, complete a full StarSense auto-align under the stars.  The hand controller LCD must blink "Scope is now aligned" or something similar when completed successfully.  Then try to connect again with SS7.
    2. The cable.  Not any cable will do.  I suggest trying a different cable (even though I realize you have used it for updating the hand controller firmware).

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    Keiron Smith

    Also, since you have the Evolution scope with built-in Celestron WiFi, try to connect using a SS7 Celestron WiFi PRESET.  Can you make a successful connection using Celestron WiFi?  Why did you buy SkyFi 3 anyways?

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    James Randolph

    Celestron WiFi didn't always work well when it did back in SS5 earlier Android days. It did have focus control. I wasn't able to get it to connect at all with SS6 or SS7 on a Pixel 6 and won't try it ever again. 

    Aren't people buying the Celestron SkyPortal WiFi module because they are disgusted with the Celestron WiFi that comes with the mounts?

    I preferred to buy the SkyFi 3 because I wanted to use SS7 and not SkyPortal PLUS I preferred to do the alignment with the scope not the app.

    I just assumed I would have Celestron motor focus control like I had with the Celestron WiFi connection.

    I should have asked this before buying along when I asked you about alignment on scope vs alignment by app.

    My fault.

    Guess I'm committed to mini PC at the scope solution and VNC, scope and focus control using CPWI.

    Still use SS7 for planning and quick views. It's the greatest for that.

    I'll ask Sales for credit toward Starry Night on a return of the SkyFi 3. Can't honestly ask for a full refund.

    Sorry. Good support. Thanks.




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    Keiron Smith

    And, just to be sure, SkyFi 3 is connected to the bottom of the hand controller, no?  It must be.

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    James Randolph

    Yes, of course.

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