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How To Use 2 Android Devices With SynScan Pro App & SkySafari 7 Plus For Scope Control (Read On!)

Ever since Android 12, various OS updates, and SynScan App updates Running SynScan in the background has been broken or requires much added attention.

I think I have finally found something that works well with very little extra attention needed. I also think I read that you have to do this on Apple devices.

Run the apps on separate devices. On device one run SynScan. The screen timeout is set to the device max and the screen is set to stay on when charging or the app is set to stay open.

Connect to and align with device #1. On device 2 run SkySafari. Connect and align as normal. SynScan is not running in the background so the disconnect issue isn't an issue anymore.

If you're curious see the how-to:

Since losing the function in SynScan, for the most part, SkySafari has become more of a Planetarium app.

Since going to 2 devices the enjoyment has returned and once again I am using SS7 Pro (I'm on the Beta) to it's fullest again.

My setup: Scope: Orion XX12G Go-To with built-in WiFi

Device 1: Google Pixel 3XL Android 10 Synscan Pro version 1.19.6

Device 2: Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Android 13/OneUI 5.1 (going to 14 once the Beta is out) SkySafari 7 Pro version Beta

Honestly, I don't know why I didn't think of this before......


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    Keiron Smith

    Superb, Mike. Thanks you!

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    Alister Ling

    I got around the disconnection issue by running Synscan and SkySafari in splitscreen mode on a single Android tablet. Have not suffered a dropout in multiple nights for multiple hours each. I push Synscan to the top third, then run SkySafari on the bottom two-thirds. It means having a "square" display. Sadly, I cannot find a way to get Synscan to only take up a smaller slice, but it's nowhere as annoying as the dropouts!

    But now that you bring up this solution, I just got a whole tablet screen back. Thanks man!

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    Mike Atkins

    It worked better for me this way than split screen or constantly having to pay attention to SynScan.

    I've since found another way. I picked up a Bluetooth adapter from Astro-Gadget. With it I can connect directly to the Mount with SkySafari.

    I created a thread about that, too.

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