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*[UX Issue] Can't Download DSS Images (Solution: Fix In Next Update)

One of the great features of SkySafari Pro  is the ability to download the DSS image for an object . This helps a great deal in reassuring that I'm looking at the correct object.

Unfortunately, earlier today (running the latest non-beta version on a Samsung Galaxy tablet with Android 13) when selecting to download a DSS Image for an object I get the message that it is "unable to download image file".  If I then click to "Redownload image" it shuts down the app entirely with no message or explanation.  I uninstalled and switched to the latest Beta version but I get the exact same issue.  I have the cache size for dss images set almost full and with the reinstallation I have not successfully downloaded a single one so that seems unlikely to be the issue.



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    Keiron Smith Official comment
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    Keiron Smith

    Thanks for your report, Michael.  We will get this fixed asap.

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    Michael Brock

    I just updated to the latest beta version and  DSS images are back.   I'm also no longer getting the prompt for permissions and the long load times!



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