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How Come SkySafari 7 Pro Can't Make A Wirless Network Connection To The Scope On iOS? (Answer: Enable Local Network Permission - Read on!)

Using Synscan WiFi on Skywatcher EQ 6 R pro mount.  When I connect the wifi and then toggle over to Sky Safari 7 Pro and then click on 'Scope' and then 'connect' it says it can't connect. "SkySafari 7 Pro can't make a wirless network connection to the scope.  Make sure you have joinged its wifi network, entered its IP address correctly and given SkySafari 7 Pro permission to access your local network".  I see no way within the app to give it permission to my network.  My iPhone works fine using the same Synscan WiFi adapter.

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    Garry Bluhm

    Hi Russ,
    The Local Network permission is in iPad Settings for SkySafari Pro.

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