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Will SkySafari 7 Plus Install On Windows 10 Bluestacks? (Answer: SkySafari Is Not Officially Supported Using Android Emulators)

The title pretty much says it all. I've paid for SS7+ and it works fine on my smartphone, but I just tried to install on Bluestacks and it's no-go. At some point, it said not compatible, but I'm not sure it was referring to this install. Is it compatible? Is there another reason it won't install? If not compatible, will it ever be? I think I had it on an earlier version of Bluestacks on another computer, but it may have been SS5+.


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    Keiron Smith

    SkySafari 7 is not officially supported on Android emulators.  But, you may find community users who have succeeded and can help here.

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    Dylan Evans

    I have tried a number of android emulators and found Mumu player 12 works well with Skysafari 7 pro. Set the Dpi setting on the emulator to around 170 to have a good view when in full screen.

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