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SkySafari 7 Pro Connected to Meade LX200gps with SkyFi 3 will not move the telescope.

I recently purchase a SkyFi 3 that I am trying to connect to my Meade LX200gps telescope.  I can make the connection with SkySafari 7 Pro and it shows me where the telescope is pointing after I have done the initial telescope setup.  I can't get SS7 to move the telescope after that.  How do I get SS7 pro to move the telescope?


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    Roger Griggs


    How did you get SkySafari to connect to your Lx200?  I have a 12" Lx200 gps and the software connects to my Stella controller but says 

    the scope is not responding.  Support here on this site is lacking and I haven't recvd any replys to my inquiry yet.  I am using ver 7 Plus.

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    Keiron Smith


    For assistance with your scope setup please provide the following:

    1. App and version
    2. iOS version
    3. Device make and model
    4. Screenshots of all Preset panels
    5. Screenshot of error message
    6. Photos of cables and connections from mount to SkyFi
    7. Screen recording of what is happening when you use the app.

    Roger, I replied to your separate forum post - please see and reply there.


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