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iOS 17.1.1 and SS Pro 7 - Active Observing List button position

Recently updated my iPhone 12 Pro Max to iOS 17.1.1.

The button that appears for active observing lists now sits on the Date & Time panel instead of in the sky map area. Rotating the phone between portrait and landscape sometimes corrects the position but the problem returns.


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    Garry Bluhm

    Hi Chris,
    Temporary work around is to tap/enable Scope button in the toolbar, then tap Time,  and Observing Lists Highlighted. This should return functionality.

    Here’s a link regarding this issue:

    Read through page 2.  The problem still may arise another time but seems to work for awhile, at least during the current useage of the app.


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    Chris Klein

    Thank you Garry!

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    Dan Durkin

    Came to post the same problem. Thank you, Garry, for a work-around!

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