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[### User Guide ###] How To Connect SS7 Plus & Pro To The Orion SkyQuest XXG and SkyWatcher SynScan Dob On Android OS VIA Bluetooth (And Works With Any Other SynScan Control Scope System, EQ Or Alt/Az - SynScan App Not Required)

This How-To is for the Orion SkyQuest XXG and SkyWatcher SynScan Dobs using the Astro-Gadget ScanBT adapter.

This will only work with devices running Android. If you have an iPhone you'll need the ScanFi adapter from Astro-Gadget.

This method will also work with any other scope, EQ or Alt/Az mount that has the SynScan control system.

Info/purchase can be found here:



Both the Orion and SkyWatcher SynScan Dobsonians use the same SynScan control system. I have successfully connected to and controlled both scopes using this setup method.  

Make sure your scope's base is level. I mounted a spot level on the base for this.

Manually put your scope in the "Home" position. For the XXG/SkyWatcher Dobsonian the optical tube should be level and pointed towards true North, not magnetic North.

On the bottom of the SynScan Hand Controller are three ports. Left is a RJ-45 for the cable going to the base, right is for connecting to a PC, and the center is a RJ-11 serial port.

HC Ports



Connect the ScanBT adapter to the RJ-11 port before turning the mount on.



Turn power On to the Mount. After initialization completes, set the correct Site Info into the hand controller (elevation in meters, Lat/Lon, and date/time). Make sure to choose Yes or No when asked about Daylight Savings time. If the controller time is not exact don't worry, unless it is several seconds off it is fine. Once done, complete an alignment process using the Hand Controller, follow the instructions closely. A proper alignment is important for the Go-To function to work well. When done put the hand controller in the cradle, you won't be using it anymore.

Open your device Bluetooth connection settings. Find the ScanBT and pair with it, if asked the password is 1234.



In SkySafari create a scope connection as below.





Make sure to select a device before leaving the above screen. You only need to do this once, next time just connect in SkySafari.



That's it! The SynScan app is not needed. Open SkySafari, connect to the scope, center on the object the scope is pointed at, and align. When you Go-To the next object center and align to it again. If it isn't in the center of the field of view, put it there and align on it. This will be especially needed if your next object is far away from the current object, but it's not a hassle. Once aligned on the current object tracking is good, too.


Clear Skies!!


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    Keiron Smith

    Superb, Mike!  

    This will really help our SynScan community!

    You are a STAR!

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    Mike Atkins

    Thanks @Keiron

    I'm not a Star but if I can save someone a headache is all that matters.

    I have tried it out a couple times. Objects that are close to the previous are good to go. If you're 180° away they are on or near the edge of the FoV, for me anyway.

    I am saying Goodbye to the SynScan app!!

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    Mike Atkins

    Just wanted to give an update. On 12/14/23 the NMSH Astronomy League teamed up with the Astronomy Society of Las Cruces at White Sands National Park for the Starry Night program the Park Rangers hold every year. We had a great turnout!




    Once alignment was complete I connected SkySafari directly to the scope via Bluetooth. For the next 3 hours I had a 100% problem free viewing session with my XX12G!. The ScanBT adapter was a very good solution for controlling my SynScan Scope!

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    Keiron Smith

    Love the star party photos!

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