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Star Hopping propositions


I bought SkySafari 7plus not long ago, and I must say that I'm very pleased with it. I use it for visual astronomy, especially finding object with star hopping. For this use your app is the best of all I have tried (and I tried them a lot).
During my use I found few things which might improve general experience to became even better application:


  • PROBLEM: when star hopping (with field of view of my eyepiece) I do not know direction of selected object, especially if image is reversed. To find right direction I must zoom out to see direction of object, and then zoom in to match FOV of SkySafari and my scope.
  • SOLUTION: add quick button “STAR HOPPING” (similar to »CENTER«) which will show pointer in which direction is wanted object.



  • PROBLEM 1: Each time a plan observation I must selecting and deselecting search parameters. Specially if I’m looking only in specific constellations.
  • SOLUTION: create “favorite selection” search options or that last selection is memorized. So it is not necessary to select them each time.
  • PROBLEM 2: When I want to find specific objects type in few constellations (not one and not all), I have to run search for each constellations, .
  • SOLUTION: add option to select multiple constellations at once.

There is no quick access to grid display. Sometines I would like to se latitude of object, and to show grid I must go to options.

                SOLUTION: add quick buttons for GRID in COORDINATES MENU (left top) for example.


Regards from Slovenia, Miran


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    bertrand lesecq

    One extra request.
    A way to not change the star and DSO magnitude limit when zooming out and zooming in while trying to find the right direction tom the target.

    When starting star hopping the first thing I do is to tune then star mag limit in order to see on my screen what I see in my ocular.
    But as soon I zoom out this mag limit is automatically changing :-(

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    This might be good option to have "dynamic mag" and "static mag". Sometimes this dynamic changing bothers and confuses me. But it might also produce confusion on screen when mag will be too high and map zoomed out...

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    Regarding the star hopping, personally I would very happy if a new release of skysafari would include the possibility to draw on the map the path of the planned star-hopping, with the possibility to keep the track visibile while scrolling the map from the initial object to the final DSO target. Then, deletion of the track is on request by a specific action/command, e.g. keeping a finger pressed on the screen, over a point of the star-hopping track, a delete command appears.

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