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How To Repair SkyFi 3? (Answer: Simulation Curriculum No Longer Sells, Nor Repairs SkyFi 3 Units - If Your Unit Broken Under Warranty, Contact Us For A Refund, Otherwise Reach Out To A Local Electronics Store For Repair Services)

l have 2 SkyFi3 (one was bought in 2020, and the other was bought about 2 months ago.) but, all the power connector has now broken. 

Can I get all the repairs? Can I know all the methods, costs, and time of entrusting repairs in Korea?

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    So far as I know, they no longer make, sell, or repair these. So you're on your own repairing them.

    I haven't needed to take mine apart yet, but I believe you remove the 4 tiny rubber pads on the back which reveal 4 tiny screws. Remove those screws and the back comes off. Then you can make repairs.

    It looks like you've broken not only the USB socket, but some plastic too. The USB sockets are surely generic parts that are readily available. They'll just be tricky to solder onto the main board. Fixing the broken plastic will be more challenging. Hopefully the plastic is a type that can be glued ‐ ABS perhaps.

    Good luck.

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