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Finally: A Robust Solution to Control Your Telescope via SkySafari Using AlpacaScope - EAA Astronomy (YouTube Link)

YouTube video:

From The YouTube description:

In this Skylet from Emerald Hills Skies, we explain how you can control (and track) your telescope using SkySafari -- directly from within your Windows PC, connected through Ascom and AlpacScope. (We explain these terms in the video.)

In the video, we mention these links:

SkySafari for Android:


A legacy utility called WifiScope (being replaced, as of this video, by AlpacaScope:

GreenSwamp Server (in case you'd like to use it rather than EQ Mod):

Ascom astronomy utilities:

Ascom Remote:

And Emerald Hills Skies : )    / emeraldhillsskies  

Special thanks to SynFinatic for leading the way with AlpacaScope, making all this possible. AND -- special thanks to "Cey" who helped me figure out the last few settings I was needing to change in order to make all these disparate pieces work together in harmony. Thanks for being a part of the Emerald Hills Skies community!


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