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[Live Sky] How Come Only 3000 Records Are Exported Out Of 7,109 Observation Entries? (Answer: We're Working On It - Read On!)

Hello folks,

Issue: only 3000 records exported out of 7,109 Observation entries.

Mac Chrome Version 120.0.6099.129 (Official Build) (arm64), iMac 24 M1, OS v14.2.1

Steps to Reproduce: When I use Import and Export My Data from LiveSky via CSV, only 3000 records are exported. I haven't tried the OAL Export as I can't read XML. 

I also looked for a method to export them from Starry Night Pro v8.1.1.2079 Mac, but couldn't see something similar.

Enjoy the holidays!


Mark Force



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    Kyle Hendicks

    Thank you Mark, I'll look into this a get a fix out soon.

    Kyle Hendricks

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    Hello Kyle, Thank you for reply. That would be fantastic! Having a back up of my observations is a comforting thought, and a great way to start the new year. 8^)


    Mark F

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