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How Come The Time Window Is Blocked By The Observing List Icon? (Workaround: Activate Telescope Control One Time To Makes The Issue Go Away)

This may be something new since the last iOS update.  I have not seen it previously.

If there is an Observing List with Highlight Objects in SkyChart selected the little button covers the back arrow on the time window.

SkySafari 7 Pro 7.3.1 (1103)

iPad Pro (9.7 inch) iPadOS Version 16.7.4



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    bruce lamoreaux

    I did a search in the SkySafari forum and found that this issue has happened in the past.

    Keiron had posted a fix that worked.

    Keiron Smith 

    There appears to be a workaround - that activating telescope control one time makes the issue go away.

    Please try this for now.


    I left the time window on and closed the observation list.  Then I opened a new observation list and the button appeared above the time window as it should. 

    It is a strange fix but it works.



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