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Connection Problems between SkySafari 7 and PiFinder

I am using SkySafari 7 Plus in conjunction with the PiFinder telescope pointing aid, which supports SkySafari through the Meade LX200 Classic protocol over WiFi.  I was using this successfully for some time, but recently I have been unable to connect and am getting the connection failure error message.  The developer and other users have been unable to reproduce my failure, which leads me to think it might be something in my system or configuration.  I can connect successfully when the PiFinder is idle, but as soon as it begins plate solving, the connection error occurs in Sky Safari and nothing I have tried works to re-establish it.  I'm running out of ideas.  After reading similar posts on this forum, I checked and verified that I have the iPhone Local Network setting ON for SkySafari, so that's apparently not the issue.  Any ideas?


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