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UI request - need "left arrow go back" - swipe left often needs 3 tries

The swipe left to go back one screen is very annoying to use. This is at room temperature, so it's not a cold issue. It works about 1/4 of the time, often taking 3 swipes before it goes back. It is worst on the change date-time (when I want to note the end of an observation). Obviously this could be classed as a "poor user-skill" or "tablet sensitivity" issue, but it is simply solved with a good UI by adding a back button. 

For the "End time" or simply editing an observation from last night, please add a "<" button up by the X. End Time could use an X too, as it forces me to swipe left, which is not easy when using a stylus.

The X kicks me right out to the main screen, when all I want to do is go back one screen to view the list I was on. 


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