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Feature request (Super easy): "zoom to" by selection menu (or double tap zoom) to jump to scope display zoom level [ Solved ]

When observing, I want to zoom in to what my eyepiece shows (plus enough to see the cardinal marks). This could be a simple addition to the selection menu as "zoom to" the size being the scope display circle. It is very annoying to use the + button because I zoom to far in, then zoom too far out, or I have to pinch out 4 or 5 times to get to the size. [ Solved, see below ]

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    Alister Ling

    Ha, that functionality is mostly there, I just didn't see it. So for others like me who missed the obvious <grin>....
    Under scope display FOV, choose up to 3 custom zoom levels and they will show up, listed below the 180 90 45 20  when you click on the field of view at upper right. I do not want rings shown except my preferred eyepiece field of view, so I leave the rings line off ( - ). Somehow I never realized that tapping one of those numbers jumped the zoom level. ANYWAY, one of those custom zoom levels I pick at 10% more than the eyepiece field. Then when I tap that zoom level, it gives me my field with the cardinal marks. 
    Nit-pick: the custom field creator says radius of the field, but it shows what we all expect, the diameter. 
    Apologies for the run-around, thanks to Keiron for the explanation.

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