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How To Align SubSequent Objects After The Initial 2-Star Alignment? (Answer: Read On!)

Background: I am using SS7/Pro with the Nexus II DSC. After two-star alignment, the pointing accuracy is quite excellent. But an occasional realign on object is helpful. Question: When I realign, SS foes not actually move the object under my telescope crosshair as I would expect it would. Sometimes it doesn't actually even move the map. Other times it just moves it closer but not simply under the crosshair. Can someone explain why? Should I be doing something differently? Is it a bug? Is this know? Thoughts? Thx!!

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    Keiron Smith


    When using the Align function, after a 2-star alignment, you need to put the object in the center of the eyepiece, and then center the object in the app, and then press the Align button.


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