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Incorrect Time Zone Bug when "Use Current Location" is selected.

After installing SkySafari pro 7.3.3 I noticed it's clock was off by an hour compared to my system clock. On investigation I found that SkySafari's "Standard Time Zone" setting was incorrectly set to -7 instead of -8 even though the latitude and longitude values were correct for my location (Pacific Time). By clicking on "Use Current Location" the time zone value was corrected to -8.

However, after quitting and restarting SkySafari the time zone setting had reverted to -7 again. This same problem occurs in both the iOS and macOS versions of SkySafari.

I further discovered that the problem only seems to occur when using the "Use Current Location" option to set the location. Choosing the location from a list or from the map does not produce the time zone error.

Obviously this could be a major disaster for the upcoming eclipse watchers, depending on which method they use to set their location in SkySafari.

Hopefully you can look into this before April 8.


My systems: iOS 16.7.2, macOS 12.7.1



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