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Can SkySafari 6 Plus 6.8.2 On MacOS 14.4 Connect To The ZWO AM3 Mount? (Answer: User Needs Community Help)

Dear ladies & gentlemen!

I recently purchased the ASI ZWO AM3 mount, looking very pretty and working very well.

Is there a solution to run it with my beloved SkySafari 6 plus (or even 7pro & 7plus on my Android and iPhone devices) in a "native" mode ?

Though the ASI ZWO´s are becoming more popular these days are there any intentions to build drivers for them?

Thanks in advance & clear skies


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    Keiron Smith


    Please review the discussions in our community forums:

    I haven't seen much success using SS6 or SS7 with ASI ZWO.  We have not tested in-house.

    ASI ZWO is not officially supported at this time.

    But, it may be possible, we just need to find the SkySafari + ASI ZWO users who have found a way to succeed with this configuration - and I know many have tried already, and more, like yourself, will try in the future.

    As you said, ASI ZWO's has become an increasingly popular solution.

    There will not be any "native" mode.  But, it should be possible to make the connection via Ascom Alpaca or INDI.


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