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Meade ETX LS-8 vs Windows vs Starry Night vs SkySafari

The Path of Least Resistance:


If you own the LS-8 you could make this easy on yourself by using SkySafari 4 (Plus or Pro) with either an iPad or iPhone to control your scope.

We (Simulation Curriculum Corp) also develop SkySafari - the #1 astronomy professional astronomy app available for iOS and Android.

SkySafari 4 (Plus & Pro ) pairs up with the SkyFi to provide state-of-the-art wireless telescope control.

SkySafari 4 (Plus & Pro) for iOS works with your LS-8. It is listed as one of the compatible scopes. You can see it on the website here:

SkyFi has a USB connection - so does the LS-8.  We wrote the LS-8 driver that is used in SkySafari.  It just works.

So, if you can acquire an iPhone or an iPad (recommended) or an iPod Touch, you can connect SkySafari via SkyFi to your LS-8 ;)

You will get an amazing wireless wifi telescope control solution ;)


The Path of Most Resistance:


Now, however, if you wish to pursue the Windows solution I can point you in the right way, but I make no guarantee.

As I understand it, the issue with the LS-8 on Windows is that there has not been (for a long, long time) a working ASCOM driver, which is required for Windows support.

But, there may now be an ASCOM driver in beta development - see here:

Join the ETX-LS group, and check the group "files". Theremight be a ETX-LS beta driver that will work with SN.

If you want to use SkyFi on Windows with your LS-8:

To connect the SkyFI to Starry Night using Windows will still require more steps - as it is not a native Windows solution.

Provided the LS-8 ASCOM beta driver works you will still need to set up following these instructions.


What About SkyBT on Android?


SkyBT (our bluetooth telescope control for Android devices) does not support USB so SkyBT does not work with the ETX LS-8


My Advice:


Get an iPad (you can buy it and test it for 2 weeks from and SkySafari 4 (Plus or Pro)

You can test the whole set up, make sure it works properly.  And, keep the iPad if it works for you.

Note, SkySafari 4 Pro is the #1 recommended mobile astronomy telescope control solution in the world - endorsed by many, many, professional astronomers.

Kind regards,



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