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Meade Magellan II

Hello I just bought your Starry Night PRO version7 on disc a few weeks ago and I'm just starting to learn how to use it. I loaded it in my laptop with Windows 8.1 and registered it with no problem, then I was checking out witch telescopes I can use with Windows and it doesn't have mine listed. I have a older 10" Meade LX50 SCT and I up graded it with the Meade Magellan II hand controller it works great, I also noticed that my Magellan II is listed for Macintosh so here's my first question. Do you have a driver download for Windows so I can use my Magellan II or do I have to buy a Macintosh laptop? I hope not the Mac but if I do so be it. This leads me to my next question like I said before I have your Starry Night PRO verson7 on disc if I delete it from Windows can I use the same disc to load it into the Mac and register it? Thank you Mike  


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    Keiron Smith

    Hi Michael,

    Thank you for contacting Starry Night.

    On Windows, Starry Night supports any telescope & mount combination that is also supported by Ascom.  I don't know whether your Meade Magellan II hand controller is supported by Ascom.  You will need to do some research.  It would be best to post your question on or another astronomy related ("Meade") forum where other users with the same scope can help you figure out if its possible, and if so, how. 

    Please read this trouble-shooting set-up guide here to help you get started:

    Confirm the checklist:

    1. Latest Ascom platform

    2. Latest driver for you mount/hand controller

    3. Latest firmware for paddle.

    4. Latest driver for USB to Serial cable.


    About Mac, yes Meade Magellan II is supported for sure, and thats because we wrote the OSX driver for it.  Note, the Meade Magellan II is also supported on SkySafari 4 Plus & SkySafari 4 Pro, on both Android and iOS devices.


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    I'm checking my encoders. My El Enc = about 10 for each degree and the Az Enc = 14 for each 5 minutes. Does that sound about right?

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