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Synching my LX200 Classic and Starry Night version 7

Hello, I have an LX200 Classic 12" setup in altaz configuration in a permanent POD in my backyard. I use Starry Night version on my Acer Laptop Windows 7, ASCOM Platform 6.1 SP1 -  Yesterday I was able to succesfully synch the telescope with Starry Night, except here is my issue:

Since I hadn't parked the telescope at my last session, I used the hand held on my telescope to find my two alignment stars. I tested the alignment by selecting an easy Messier object and confirmed it was bang on in the middle. I then brought up the telescope control panel in Starry Night, clicked on connect and the scope connected no problem. I then began my session and using SN to slew to objects. The cursor follows the scope, ends up on the object BUT the object is offset and not in the middle. In fact it is quite off but still in the field of vue. Should I change something in my procedure? Should I connect SN to the telescope prior to aligning the scope? Is there a way for me to bring the object back in the middle, a sort of fine tuning so to speak using the software? Thanks very much



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