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Connecting Gemini G11 to Starry Night Pro

We have a C14 attached to a Gemini G11 mount and we've connected it to Starry Night Pro without issue for several years. A few months ago, the connection between the scope and the program stopped working. We have systematically checked every piece of the connection.

  • We had the G11 mount's RS232 chip in the board and connector replaced.
  • We replaced our Gemini-to-RS232 cable
  • We replaced our RS232-to-USB adapter
  • We replaced our USB cable (cable works with other USB devices)
  • We checked the USB ports on our Mac

I have no idea what else the issue could be unless it's with the software or the computer itself. We're running OSX 10.5.8 with Starry Night Pro Plus 6 v6.4.3.

Every time we try to connect now we get a communication saying that an error occurred while trying to communicate with the scope.

PLEASE HELP. We have no idea what would have changed.

Ian Cohen

Manager, UNH Observatory



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