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Why is M42 not centered

When I enter M42 then select center, when the cursor stops moving it is not pointing to the center of M42.  If I enter trapezium and select center, it is centered.  Why does the cursor not point to the center of M42 when m42 is selected?

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    Keiron Smith

    Hi Jim, 


    Can you make a short movie showing this.  Try (web-based, no download is required).

    Or, please give me the exact sequence of steps required to reproduce this issue.



    1.  What Starry Night program are you using?

    2.  What version is it? Look in Help ---> About SN.

    3.  What OS are you using?

    4.  Does this M42 issue happen only when the telescope is connected?

    5.  Does this happen with any other Messier or Deep Space objects.

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