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StarryNight Orion Special Edition and SynScan 4.37.3 not working on my XX14g


I am trying to use Starry Night Special Edition to control my Orion XX14g.  I am using Synscan FW 4.37.3.

The scope driver I select in StarryNight is the Celestron compatible driver.

I can connect to the scope with no problem.  I then click on an object in StarryNight, say Arcturus.  I then use the "Slew To" command to move the scope to the selected object.  The scope moves to the object.  But then all on its own it will slew off the target by about 2 degrees.  I re-select the target and use the "Slew To" command and the scope slews back to the target but then again slews off the target by the same 2 degrees.  I then select another object, say Altair and the scope slews to the target but then again slews off the target by the same 2 degrees.

It is as if the scope knows where to go and goes there but then decides to go off the target by 2 degrees.

Interestingly, using Stellarium produces the same result.

And yes, the scope works perfectly both for goto and tracking when I use the hand controller.  Two star alignment always works great and using PAE on the alignment stars also improves the goto accuracy.

 Any assistance is appreciated.



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