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Cable not recognized

I apologize in advance as this question is about Orion StarSeek 4. I had an online chat session with two Orion representatives, and they finally gave up and referred me to Starry Night. 

I previously used StarSeek 3 with the Orion telescope control cable and it worked fine with my Nexstar 8SE. However, StarSeek 4 doesn't recognize that is connected to the cable and looks for Wi-Fi. It connects immediately when I switch back to Starseek 3, so the cable connection is fine.

Since I contacted to Orion, I deleted StarSeek 3, and when I connected the cable, a message appeared saying that the appropriate app was not on the phone. Perhaps when Sky Safari 4 was modified for Orion, the information for Skywire was not changed to that of the Orion Telescope Control Cable?

I previously submitted this request to the Yahoo group, and got no response. If you do not wish to help me on this, can you please let me know so I can try Orion again?

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