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Configuring a Titan 50 mount with a Ceravolo on OSX

Originally from ticket #5850.

Telescope - Configure. I am trying to configure to a mount to be able to control the mount. I am using a Titan 50 mount with a Ceravolo. How should I set the connection to control the Titan Mount?

Barry Wrenford

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    I am sorry, I had not made my request clear. I wish to use Starry 
    Night (Mac) to control my mount.

    The configure command lists only a few telescope systems. It appears 
    that if the telescope/mount system is not listed, then the software 
    cannot be used to control this mount, and my Starry night purchase is 

    Is this so?

    Can the Titan 50 mount be controlled with Starry night or not?

    If it can, what do I select in the configure command?

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