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I am unable to setup and use the park option in starry night pro or the nudge buttons

I am using an Orion Atlas Pro mount and starry night pro 6.3 on a Toshiba laptop with Windows 7.  I have connected my laptop through the Atlas hand controller using the Serial to USB cabling provided by Orion.  The software connects to my mount and I am able to slew to various objects using the starry night pro software.  The two problems that I have with the software are that I am unable to utilize the park feature or the nudge buttons to move the mount.  When I push the park or set up park buttons I get an error message and the software disconnects from the mount.  Also, when I try to use the nudge buttons the mount does not respond at all.  I am hoping for some suggestions to resolve these two issues.

Thank you,

Mike Brady


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