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New Viewing Direction Option


I was thinking it would be a nice feature for Starry Night to establish a viewing direction that lies along the line-of-sight connecting two objects.  For instance, the Space Station could be chosen as the screen-centered, stationary foreground object , and the center of the Earth could be chosen as the object it moves over.  That way, you always hover directly above the Earth from the space station's point-of-view.  Also, being able to zoom way far out with no limitations along that line-of-sight would be great.

Right now, it only appears that you can specify a satellite's location, but have very little control over your view of the satellite with respect to the Earth...mouse navigation is very limited.  If you use Loation Scroller to put the space station over the Earth, over time the Earth moves off to the side while the space station stays centered, and you can only zoom out so far.

Thanks for your consideration!


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