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Please include support for 3DConnexion "Space Navigator" to SpaceShip mode on Starry NIght

Greetings from Boise, Idaho,


I'd LOVE it if you could please include support for 3DConnexion's Space Navigator Multi-Dimensional input device. I use it all the time to "Fly" through google earth terrain, like a helicopter. I'm sure numerous people amongst your user base do this same thing. It provides movement in XYZ space, and allows an independent viewing angle, so you could literally fly through the "Universe" in your spaceship mode.


Here is the link to their page:


Would you could you pretty please add this in an upcoming release (sooner would be more fun that later!)




Stephen Henderson

Boise, ID


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    Victor Osaka

    It's the beginning of 2015 and nothing has been done about this. I'm not a programmer, but is it that difficult to implement? Isn't there some sort of generic code that you can call on to give the SpaceNavigator some sort of control? Even minimum control?

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    Andrew Epstein

    I, also, would very much like support for a 3D mouse device. I have one from 3dconnexion and think it would make using your software more fun and easier.

    Please look at this. I can't imagine it would take more than a few hours of someone's time to implement.

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    Donald Houde

    It looks like requests for this are far and few between here, but I love my Space Mouse and it would be the perfect tool to navigate views in Starry Night.

    You can find the SDKs here.

    I would be willing to help if there was a way to connect this capability to Starry Night. Even if there was a way to use a Joystick controller, there is a way to use this mouse.

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