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Suppress Limb Darkening on Solar Surface

Originally from ticket #7211.

Hi, I have asked this question a couple of times before over the years, without really any satisfactory solution - but the issue has come up for me again, so will ask again. I need to generate visualization graphics of the Sun (in particular) with a featureless surface that us *NOT* limb-darkened. This to (clearly) visualize transit and eclipse contact geometries WITHOUT approximations to limb-darkening. I am using a very simple -- ALL WHITE -- "surface model" - actually just an all white JPG imege file, I have added (imported) for the Sun, but when the Sun is displayed as a spatially resolved object SN Pro always renders that graphically as limb darkened - which is not what I want/need. See attached JPG. see no way to "turn that off" with the options availbale in the Options/Solar System/Planets-Moon dialog. Using "Options/White Sky" does not help. A couple of years ago some suggestions were made
to use screen snapshots, but that did not solve this issue. I actually want/need to use this to verify some upcoming observation planning and if there is any solution to this you can suggest that would be most helpful.





Hi Glenn,

Thank you for contacting Starry Night Support. My name is Keiron, and I'm here to help. Your query has been brought before. Please see Steve's discussion here:

Forgive me if you have read his workaround before. Steve is also on Mac. Please offer your thoughts in that discussion, and show support for this option in the future.

Keiron Smith
Starry Night Software Support Team
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Hi Keiron,

I read that linked post before I asked for help. This does not work for me and is not
a solution that works. My question stands. I will ask more specifically as I still do not know the answer.

(1) Is it possible in SN Pro to suppress the display of the Sun from being limd darkened?

YES or NO ? (Note I am using a pure white image for the Sun's surface - SN Pro lim barkens it

(2) If the answer to (1) is YES then HOW? Is there some option in some menu/dialog I do not see?

(3) If the answer is no - would you PLEASE consider doing this in a future release?

YES or NO?

(Notes: [a] In much older version of SN Pro, back in the MAc OS 9 days this was not an issue
[b] the program must be actively doing this unwanted graphic computation as a "default"
my guess is it would be easy to "turn it off" if you provided a hook/mechanism to do that
through the solar system options dialog where other options for annotations are set.

Thanks in advance for your replies to question 1 - 3.

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    Dave Whipps

    Unfortunately, the only workarounds are those already listed here. I'm working on a possible fix for this in a future release of Starry Night. Sorry!

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