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support of linux system

Lot of scientific work with Linux (Ubuntu, Fedora...). I think it would be a great idea that Starry Night support Linux. Futhermore, MacOS is a same family of Linux.


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    Desmond Martynick

    I for one would love to see this become a reality as well. However since Starry Night uses Quick Time 7 I do not think it will happen. I tried to get SN7 up and running via WINE but with QT 7.* it would fail. the result is a black viewer screen mean while the rest of SN7 works but no images. Weird I know. 

    But why? Since SN7 at least for me, peaks at about 300MB or ram at idel and in usage about 960MB to 1.2GB and less than 10% of CPU utilization. This is really good. I know these values will be different between users because of their PC setups(Different Hardware Configurations).

    As far as Mac OS goes I believe labeling it more in tune and in line with the BSD family as Linux is just the Kernel powering the distribution of choice(IE: Ubuntu/Debian) as Darwin is to OS X..

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    Scott Wood

    I need a Linux version as well.


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