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Feature request: Tonight's Best

#1)   When enter an m on sidebar search and then click on lets say right click M2 or M3 or anyone, the select show info and the pic of what it would appear as is clipped off..

#2)  Also  is there a list anywhere of like "tonights best" (as in SS version 4),, Something very simple and say bare bones.. I don't have it right in front of me but working from memory,,  it seemed like it was broken down into a few different  categories that were listed as "Tonights  Best"  was very simple to use

thank you, Kasey

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    Keiron Smith



    Thanks for your feedback.  The cropped image will be fixed in an update.  And, I added your Tonight Best suggestion as feature request for development.  Not sure if/when it might get implemented, but its a great idea!

    Thanks again!!

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