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Updating data files, the Home Button, and unintended changes to the time & date


Originally from ticket #4718.

1.  How do I get this to up-date?

2.  how do I know if it has up-dated?

For in my old Starry Night Pro, at start-up you could see what it was up-datting befor it openned.

3.  (I have set my home location) When I change my Date & location, Set a grid, change the Time Flow Rate, and when I hit the Home botton, the time changes, the grid turns off, the Time Frow Rate gose back to its defult, Butt if I were to hit the NOW botton insted of the Home botton, just the time changes back to now like it should. SO what's up with the Home botton that it changes all my settings? I

4.  have also noticed the time would change as I'm playing around with the controls, (The time sould not change by its self, Lets say from 10,754Bc to 150AD) So what is the problum? Lets do these 4 questions for now, I do have more. Thankx,TERRY




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    Keiron Smith

    Hi Terry,

    1. Click LiveSky (drop down menu) ---> Update data files.

    2.  If there are data files available for download you will see a message "New data files were downloaded".  If there are no new data files available for download you will see a message "No files were downloaded"

    3.  When you click "HOME" the program resets to the default settings that are initiated at start up.  If you want save your settings so that that they do not change when you press HOME, then first go to Options (drop down menu) ---> select "Save current options as default."  Now when you click Home you will be return to your original location, but the selected settings will remain (and this will be the state of the program on start up too).

    4.  The time & date will change if you select Favorite files.  The Favorites have to be saved with a time and a date.  The pre-saved Favorites were designed by the Starry Night team and reflect either the time and date at which time the Favorite was created or the time and date relevant to the Favorite (i.e a specific eclipse).

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