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Impact scar on Jupiter

On 19 July 2009 a new impact scar was discovered near Jupiter's south pole. If you're interested in observing or photographing the spot yourself, the file attached here will mark its location on Jupiter so that you can predict observing times for your location.

Save the Jupiter-E.txt file into your Sky Data / Locations folder. 

  • Windows: C:/Program Files/Starry Night/Sky Data/Locations

  • Mac OS: Applications/Starry Night -> right-click the application and choose Show Package Contents -> Contents/Resources/Sky Data/Locations

Open Starry Night, locate Jupiter and right-click on it, and choose Markers & Outlines. Check the box for July 2009 Impact Scar. A marker will appear on Jupiter to show you the location.

For more information and to view the discovery images, please visit .



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    alaa afifeh

    great thx ...

    do u have other stuff like that ?

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    Keiron Smith

    There is a lot of stuff in SN itself :)

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