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planet tracking

in an older version of starry night pro you used to be able to switch on or off planet path tracking to trace their movements. The analemma does this with starry night digital download 6 under favourites > local view.. I cannot find a way to do this with this program.


Can this be done?


Do I need an extra module to have the capability?


thank you



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    jay young
    so where is the answer
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    Keiron Smith

    Hi Brian,


    Do you want to see the orbit of the planets, as traced across the night sky?  In the FIND tab, right-click on a planet and choose "orbit".


    Does that help?

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    Brian Keats

    Thank you Keiron - that does help.

    Do you know how how to get the tacking plotting points to go on for more than 1 orbit of a planet eg to trace for several years for Mercury about the Sun analemma?

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