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Occultation of Mars

On Sept 19 the moon should occult Mars (I think). It looks that way on the software but not when I magnify. So, is Mars behind the moon or not?



Scott Welty

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    Keiron Smith

    Hi Scott,


    If you look in Events (tab left hand side) ---> Events Filter (check only planetary events) ---> Star Date Sept 1 2012 End Date Sept 30 2012 ---> Click FInd Events <--- you will see everything for the month of September.  Mars does not make the list


    There are many instances where the an event appears to be happening, based upon the wide-angle perspective of Starry Night, but, which (as you discovered) when zoomed in upon are found not to be the case.  So, best always to check with the built in event finder/filter and with third party astronomy websites.  If there is to be an occultation between Mars and the Moon I think it will be big news on the internet.


    Does this help?

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