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Sync Gaze

Originally from ticket #7727.


While I have you; can you tell me what “Sync
Gaze” below the connect button does versus what RIGHT CLICK “Sync to
‘current object’ “ does? If I slew to Vega,
then center Vega on a lighted crosshair, then right click and tell SNP to “Sync
to Vega” it has exactly the same effect as what Astro Physics calls “recalibrating”
the mount to a specific point in the sky. Same deal…you tell the
mount using its data base to go to point X. It slews to what it thinks is
point X. You use the paddle to move it to the exact center and when you
use the recalibrate function it tells the mount “this is actually where
point X is” Move your map of the sky around just a bit for me so
you will go to the right spot when I ask you the next time. Of course
this is all slightly complicated by polar alignment, flexure, orthogonality,
atmospheric extinction/refraction etc. etc.


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    Keiron Smith

    Hi Jerry,

    I apologize for the slow response to your query. I had to ask the developers for clarification regarding the sync features.

    The reply I received (from Dave Whipps - lead developer) is as follows:

    The "Sync Gaze" button simply tells the scope that it's pointing at where ever the center of the SN view is (as shown in the Gaze display in the toolbar). "Sync to current object" simply tells the scope that it's actually pointing at the coordinates of the object you clicked on (which isn't necessarily in the center of the gaze.)

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