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Connected Telescope cursor characteristics

Can you modify the color and/or size of the cursor that appears to mark the aim point of a connected telescope? It seems the default telescope marker is quite small and red in color.  When a red mylar filter has been placed over the computer monitor to preserve my dark-adapted vision  when using the program in the field at night, it's very hard to see the telescope marker under the filter.

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    Keiron Smith

    Hi David,


    If you go to the FOV tab ---> open a FOV sub-menu (+) i.e. "Other" ---> right click on one of the FOV listed i.e. 5 degrees ---> choose edit.  In the next menu  you can change the size and colour of the FOV. Unfortunately, the thickness cannot be changed.

    But Starry Night does have its own red filter.  Look in Options (drop down menu) ---> Night Vision.

    Does that help?


    Does this help?

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