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Windows 8 installation Issue - Solved

I have a solution for installing SN6 on Windows that doesn't yet appear to be in your database. I have a very old version of SN6 (the box has SN5 printed on it with SN6 stickers over some of this printing). I could only install from these CDs using the Windows Compatibility Troubleshooter (using "run as administrator" didn't work neither did copying all the files onto the hard drive and installing from there). Trying to install without compatibility resulted in only two files being installed. To run using this Trouble shooter, right click on the SN6 install file on the CDROM and select "Troubleshoot Compatibility".

The Windows Compatibility Troubleshooter causes the installer's buttons to lose their outlines, but the buttons still work. The installation process fails when the Ascom drivers try to install (may be because of unsigned drivers?) and this means you need to install Quicktime from the Apple website (and Ascom drivers also if you need them). You must then restart the computer to register Quicktime or SN will not find it.

Upon restarting you then start SN6 using "Run as Administrator". You must do this to allow the Preferences and Home Location setup to proceed. I have now setup the shortcut on my desktop so that it runs SN in compatibility mode. To do this you right click on the Desktop icon and select Properties. Then on the Compatibility tab tick the "Run this program in compatibility mode for:" and select "Windows XP (Service Pack 3)" from the drop down list immediately below.

It all now runs quite nicely.


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