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I am unable to see Asteroid 2012 DA14 in SNP6 after updating

Despite updating the data files and manually trying to import the data for asteroid 2012 DA14 into the Sky Data / Asteroids .txt file, I still can not see this asteroid in the list of asteroids.

I have also posted this question on the StarryNight Software Facebook page and have followed the advice already given there.

Here is what I have done so far, following the advice on your Facebook page and via Private Message:

 I have tried various methods of getting the data into the Sky data folder, but it is still not showing up in SNP6.

I first tried cutting the original "Asteroids" .txt file from Sky Data to another location (for safe keeping), made a copy of the origin
al file "Copy of Asteroids" then emptied all of the existing data from the file, then copied all of the data from the link you gave me. I then copied this file back to the Sky Data folder and made sure I renamed the file "Asteroids" again. When I opened SNP6 there were no asteroids showing when I clicked the "+".

I then shifted the original file back to Sky Data and everything was working again as before (but with no DA14).

I then tried copying just the DA14 data from the link you gave me and pasting that into the original .txt file, but it is still not showing up in SNP6. (I was not sure if I was supposed to use a space or a tab to separate the data from the end of the previous data, so I used a space?)  EDIT: I also tried deleting the "space" and replacing it with a "Tab" between the data for 268 Palma (the last entry) and the data for 2012 DA14.


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