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My Acer laptop died a few weeks ago and I have now bought an Apple Macbook. Can i transfer Starry night to it?



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    Michele Schwarz

    Hello Dave,

    Yes, you are allowed to put your Starry Night on your new computer. There are a few ways to do so:

    1) If you purchased a disk, use that disk to install on your new computer.

    2) If you purchased a download, your links were emailed to you at the time of purchase. These links do not expire. Access your email on your new computer and download using those links.

    3) If your computer does not have a disk drive and you did not get download links at the time of purchase, please submit a ticket.

    4) If you need your registration details, please submit a ticket

    5) If you have any further questions or encounter any difficulties, please submit a ticket and we will be able to help.

    To submit a ticket:

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