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It seems I can't access any constellation besides Taurus and Orion on Skyguide


I''m editing a new SkyGuide for our planetarium with Starry Night Small Dome. I'm adding constellations that are to be explained each one by one. I think it would be cumbersome for a number of reasons to save a SNF file for each of the constellations, so I'm using HTML commands instead.

What the command should do is to select the constellation in the sky, but I've got mixed results.

So these works nice so far:

<a href=sn_href_selectobj=taurus>Touro - palitinhos</a>

<a href=sn_href_selectobj=Orion>Órion- palitinhos</a>


But these and the rest does nothing but a lengthy wait:

<a href=sn_href_selectobj="Canis%20Major">Cão Maior - palitinhos</a>

Libra and a number of other constellations also accounts for nothing happening.

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    Sílvio Glock

    I think I've got some of it sorted out. Initially I couldn't select object by href=sn_href_selectobj= command since the translation files in the Small Dome\Sky Data\Translations folder was using a different character set from my default editor.

    Those files being corrected, they did not immediately work. For some reason it took several days to work.

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