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SN Pro Plus 6.4.3

just installed upgraded from Pro to Pro Plus.  am running on both iMac and PC.  Stars are blurry on both machines and I don't seem to be able to change to a crisper star.  When i change Star Type in the Preferences, the stars don't seem to change.  So far, I like the old Pro program better.  What gives?

Thanks for your help,

Dave Whelan


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    Keiron Smith

    Hi Dave,

    Thank you for the feedback.  The difference between Pro and Pro Plus is the All Sky CCD - which is a high resolution photographic mosaic of the night sky.  However, like all photographs, if you continue to zoom in (or magnify the FOV) at a certain point the resolution begins to breakdown, at which point, in Starry Night, the All Sky stars will begin to become blurry and pixelated.

    If look in Options (left side pane) ---> Stars ---> All Sky Image <--- click on the word ---> a sub menu opens ---> you can check the option "Do not use All Sky at small FOV's.

    Also, look in Options (left side pane) ---> Stars ---> Stars <--- make sure this is also checked.

    Does this address your query?  Do the stars look blurry at start up, or is it only after zooming in?


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    James Morrison

    I have the same problem.  The adjustment to Options-All Sky Image-...small FOV's had little effect. Around 1degree to 4 degrees focus it gets blurry, then further magnification turns into a point.  Below one degree, galaxies and nebula disappear.  I expected better from the Pro Plus edition.

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