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SN 6 PRO - Windows 8

I just bought a High End Computer - w/ Windows 8.1 Pro. I go through the Load - DVD 1 ... then DVD 2 ... Tells me I'm done and congratulations .... and NOTHING. No EXE - no databases that I clicked to install.


NADA ..... 




Yes, I'm a reg user and yes it is a valid copy.

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    Keiron Smith



    First, Install the latest version of Java from .

    Second, install using compatibility mode. With the disc in the drive, click Start -> Computer. Double-click on your optical (DVD/CD) drive to view its contents. (Ignore or cancel the program if it starts to install.) Right-click on the Setup or Install icon and choose "Troubleshoot Compatibility." Follow the instructions on screen. If you are asked for a compatibility mode, choose "Windows XP."

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