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SN 6.4.3 (Orion Special Edition) crashes on Win 8.1

I am trying to install Starry Night 6.4.3 Orion Special Edition, which came with an Orion scope, on Windows 8.1, but the program crashes (Windows prompts to search for a solution online or close program). This apparently happens as soon as SN tries to display its application window.

Any suggestions?


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    Sophie Cheng

    Hello Ramon,

    There are two common solutions for customers who experienced the same issue:

    1. You may have to update your graphics card driver. Please read the following article and follow the instructions:

    Retry Starry Night afterwards - if it still crashes, try the second solution.

    2. There may be an issue with the Shaders graphics function we use in our programs with some Windows computer. Shaders function is usually only turned on during daylight.

    Please change your system time to midnight.

    Start Starry Night. When Starry Night opens, before you do anything, please do the following:

    Go to File ----> Preferences ---> Shaders
    Uncheck the option for "use shaders where available"
    Quit Starry Night, and the restart.
    Try Starry Night again.

    If you need additional help with any of this, please submit a support ticket.



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