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Starry Night 7 Companion Guide Poorly Formatted, Information Obscured

Hi. I am starting to learn Starry Night 7 Enthusiast and I saved the manual and companion guide. In starting to read the companion I noticed that most of the titles on the chapter pages are jumbled together (for example, the section 1 page on page 11). But, more importantly, information is obscured due to the page layouts (see page 12 where the text is obscured by the graphic). Can someone please take a look at this and choose better fonts and reformat the book? Or, do you have something else that will help me learn Starry Night and astronomy?  The education materials were a big influence in my purchase decision. Thanks. (I can send screen shots if you need them). This is on a fully updated mac.


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    Sophie Cheng

    Hello Ed,

    I am sorry to hear about that. We appreciate your feedback!

    Please submit a ticket request with some screenshots attached:




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    Keiron Smith

    HI Ed, 

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention.  It is unacceptable formatting and we'll get it fixed asap.

    Clear Skies!

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