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Where is download link for SN Pro Plus 6

I have had a hard drive crash and am restoring software to a new computer.  Where do I find download links?  I have a license and registration information for Starry Night Pro Plus 6.  Your help provides me with registration information but NO download links.


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    Keiron Smith

    Hi Donald,

    Please use the following link to retrieve your previous download links:

    Kind regards,


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    Thomas Maxwell

    I tried this and since I bought 7 pro plus - it only provides that link - 6 pro plus ran better on my laptop so I would prefer to download that. The only reason I upgraded was I could not find the download to 6... I would really appreciate being able to get version 6.

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    Hello, someone know how can I download version 6?, I bought  7 pro plus but I have problems to update my own "photorealistic horizont", I found it is   working ok under versio 6, Like Thomas Maxwell, I could not find how download this older version.....

    Thank to all

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