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Starry Night Panorama Competition - Win Pro Plus 6.4.3!

Starry Night Panorama Competition - Win Pro Plus 6.4.3!


Do you love Starry Night?  Are you a photographer too?  Enjoy taking photos, and making panoramas?  Starry Night 6 has an amazing feature that allows you to add your own photorealistic panorama.  And, in the spirit of community sharing we are running the following competition.  We would love to see your home-made panoramas, and to share them with the Starry Night community.  As part of the competition, the Starry Night community is invited to vote for their favorite panorama entries. Software prizes will be awarded to 1st place and 2nd place.

Be as creative as you want.  Enter a panorama of your backyard, balcony, rooftop, mountain top, beach party, star party, exotic island or volcano you once visited - whatever you want.  Feel free to create your own panorama from scratch - create the surface of one of Jupiter's moons or your own vision of a newly discovered exoplanet.  As long as the panorama works in Starry Night you can submit it.  Competition ends June 30th, 2012.

The Prizes!

1st Place will receive Starry Night Pro Plus 6.4.3 (via download)

2nd Place will receive Starry Night Pro 6.4.3 (via download)

Getting Started, Getting Involved!

To get you started making your panoramas, please see the following KB articles:

1. Start here: How do I create my own photorealistic horizon? 

2. There is an excellent community discussion about panorama best practices here: Photorealistic Panoramas   

3.  Please use the Starry Night User Created Panorama forum to ask for help.

4.  Please help other users if you can.

The Rules!

All contests need rules.  So we have some too.  Please read the Starry Night User-Created Panorama Competition - Rules and Regulations before entering the competition.  By entering the contest, entrants agree to abide by the contest rules and regulations.



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