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Space Station transitting the moon on October 2, 2012 in CT at 7:50pm

Originally from ticket #7752.

I was shooting pictures of the moon on October 2nd in Westport CT 06880 at 07:50pm. One of my pictures had a strange object passing the moon near the Sea of Tranquility. I was wondering if it was the space station. The moon was in the NE about 30 degrees above the horizon,


CU moon with obect.jpg


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    dazza gee

    From your Zip Code, StarryNight has your location as "Near Bridgeport, United States", is that correct?

    At 7:50pm local standard time, the moon was at 11 degrees, but the StarryNight does not show the ISS transiting the moon anywhere near that time.

    Can you confirm your location and other details?  :) 

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    Keiron Smith

    Thanks Dazza for helping out in the community forum!

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